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I have been to Graveskul!!!

Let me explain...
So there is this retreat north of Santa Fe, New Mexico called "Ghost Ranch". It is set in a spectacular box canyon surrounded by gigantic mesas with evocative names like "Heaven's Gate", "Orphan Mesa", and "Kitchen Mesa". It is so spectacular that practically every western movie released in the past 20 years has been filmed there.

The author's silhouette with Kitchen Mesa in the distance on the left...

A pic off the internet with "Chimney Rock" in the foreground and "Heaven's Gate" in the distance. 
They sell most of the movies filmed there in the gift shop:

This is our family's second trip to Ghost Ranch, so this time I really got to dig in and learn about the place. Nowadays, Ghost Ranch is mostly known for being the residence of Georgia O'Keefe, and where she did her most famous paintings. There is an undeniable arty vibe, BUT if you poke around a little (and ask the wonderful librari…

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